Quilts and Their Stories

The Way to a Friend’s Home is Never Long

For as long as I can remember, my Grandma Churchill had a hand-embroidered sampler hanging beside her front door that said, “The Way to a Friend’s Home is Never Long.” I always thought that was a lovely sentiment and years later I pulled together a bunch of orphan quilt blocks into one quilt and titled it after my Grandma’s sampler.

It’s a wonky quilt with blocks left over from a quilt workshop (birds), blocks made by quilter friends from The Progressive Party (we meet monthly and work on each other’s quilts), and extra blocks left over from other quilts (frogs). Some are blocks with curved pieces to show movement, some are houses, and others are various forms of transportation to get to a friend’s home: sailboats, a trailer, and even a flying saucer.

It’s a silly quilt and it makes me smile because I always think of Grandma Churchill’s sampler by her front door.